Student Day

NYSFDA Bridge Commission Hosts In-person Student Day

Mortuary Science Students Gather to Connect, Learn, Grow 

The future of our industry is as important as ever, and NYSFDA is committed to cultivating relationships with mortuary science students, registered residents, and recent graduates. On Saturday, March 26, 2022 we conducted the 2022 NYSFDA Student Day – a full day, in-person event designed for students and residents to connect, network, and learn from one another and licensed funeral directors.

Students from across the state participated in the event, and started the day with lunch and the opportunity to introduce themselves through a fun ice breaker exercise. They also learned a bit about NYSFDA and had the opportunity to hear from NYSFDA’s Bridge Commission leaders.

The educational portion of the event kicked off with interactive First Call/Arrangement scenarios. Each of these situations presented students with various “what would you do” circumstances and unique situations often encountered when meeting with families and transferring the deceased from different settings. The goal for this session was to provide real-life experiences and get students thinking creatively while best serving families.

Next, the group covered more technical and hands-on training with Techniques & Tips. During this hands-on portion, participants walked through everything from removal (proper techniques when using church trucks and stretchers) to setting up for services, including cremation, casket navigation, flag presentation, and flower arranging.

The final session was designed to prepare students for the workforce: Professional Preparation. They discussed dressing for success, professional etiquette, and shared job search advice and networking and interview tips.

The event ended with additional networking and an open Q&A “Ask the Funeral Director,” allowing participants to ask their burning questions. Throughout the day participants were able to connect with one another in small groups, had the opportunity to talk one-on-one with NYSFDA leaders, and gain practical information designed to prepare them for their early career as a funeral director. 

Many thanks to the member of the NYSFDA Bridge Commission for creating the educational content and materials and leading the sessions: David Conley, Nicholas Farenga, Michael Gorton, Jr., CFSP, Michelle Kinville, Sabrina Joynes, CFSP, Tyler Kent, Marika McMeans, Julia O'Brien, and Heather Rauch.