The future of our industry is as important as ever, and NYSFDA is committed to cultivating relationships with mortuary science students, registered residents, and recent graduates. From April 19-22, 2021 we conducted the 2021 NYSFDA Student Week – a virtual, four-day event designed for students and residents to connect, network, and learn from one another and licensed funeral directors. 

A total of 125 students from across the state registered for the event, pulling from the four major colleges: American Academy McAllister Institute (AAMI), Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC), Nassau County Community College (NCCC), and SUNY Canton.

Each session included time for participants to connect with one another in small group networking breakouts, the opportunity to hear from NYSFDA President William J. Villanova and other leaders, an open Q&A period, and educational workshops designed to prepare them for their early career as a funeral director.

Day One started with introductions, a little bit about NYSFDA, and the first educational workshop: Use of Technology & Social Media. During this session participants discussed Zoom and other live streaming services, videos, and the various uses of social media in the industry

On Day Two, registrants again had the opportunity to connect with one another in smaller groups before diving into the next workshop: Professional Preparation. This session covered dressing for success, professional etiquette, and sharing job search advice and networking and interview tips

The program wrapped up with more technical and hands-on training with Techniques & Tips followed by First Call. Day 3 walked participants through everything from removal (proper techniques when using church trucks and stretchers) to setting up for services, including: cremation, casket navigation, flag presentation, and flower arranging. Then, Day Four reviewed first call situations, posed different “what would you do?” scenarios, and went over transfers.

Many thanks to the member of the NYSFDA Bridge Commission for creating the educational content and materials and leading the sessions: David Conley, Nicholas Farenga, Michael Gorton, Jr., Michelle Ironside Kinville, Sabrina Joynes, CFSP, Tyler Kent, Julia O'Brien, Heather Rauch, Kathleen Sanvidge and William Villanova.

Stay tuned for future events!

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