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The Unprecedented is Precedented: Consumer Insights & Strategic Adaptability in 2021

03.17.2021 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


The Unprecedented is Precedented: Consumer Insights & Strategic Adaptability in 2020

Ryan Thogmartin – Owner


26 N. 3rd St

Zanesville, Ohio 43701

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Presentation Description: 

No, we’ve never lived through anything like this before - but, this is the new reality and we’ve been living with it for the majority of the year.

Thriving in the era of COVID-19 is all about keeping the community on your side, and moving with them.

This presentation goes over consumer changes, listening to what they're asking for, understanding what they want from you, and changing your strategy to meet their needs.

We can’t just wish this situation away or pretend it doesn’t exist. So, this information will help you make the most of the rest of the year while putting your community first!

6 Highlights You Get In This Presentation: 

  • Actual stats on how consumers are engaging with funeral businesses and social media 
  • Insights on building a social media strategy that WORKS for you
  • What funeral homes can learn from a “Disney business model”
  • The importance of frequent posting
  • Why being persistent is better than being consistent
  • A case study on how social helped funeral homes gain attention mid-COVID


Ryan Thogmartin is a deathcare entrepreneur, the CEO of DISRUPT Media and creator of  | Follower of Christ | Husband | Father | Entrepreneur | Host of web shows DISRUPTu!, FUNERAL  Hustle and FUNERAL Nation TV | Napkin Game Plan Podcast Host | Lover of Skittles


Most deathcare companies struggle with Facebook marketing. We provide a process for creating personalized Facebook content that will drive community engagement and measurable leads ensuring growth and profitability. is the leading online daily publication for deathcare professionals with a reader base of over 45,000.


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