New York State Funeral Directors Association

Issued June 21, 2019 from Vassar Brothers Medical Center, Poughkeepsie:

In order to ease the concerns that have been expressed regarding the construction related congestion in the loading dock area, we have made some adjustments.

Beginning Monday, June 24, 2019 all funeral home vehicles here to do pickups will do so via the West Wing entry doors located next to the Emergency Department triage walk in entrance.

This is the area directly opposite the valet booth where ambulances performing non-emergency duties park.

There is a new black privacy fence that has been installed.

All stretcher transports are to be made using the black top path located behind that privacy fence.

Please DO NOT use the cement walking path closest to the building. That is intended for Emergency Department patients and visitors.

Park in one of the open ambulance spaces by the overhang.

You may block in the Security vehicle and space next to it lengthwise if no ambulance space is available.

Pick-ups - 8am to 8pm:

  • Drivers are to proceed to the  main lobby registration area to retrieve the appropriate paperwork as usual. Registration will notify Security that they are needed to assist with a pick-up.
  • Security staff will then proceed to the West Wing doors to meet the driver when they arrive with their stretcher.
  • Security staff will escort the driver to the morgue and then back out with the pick-up. 

Pick-ups - 8pm-8am:

  • Park as noted above.
  • Walk directly into the Emergency Department triage entrance.
  • Advise the Security Officer at the desk regarding the pick-up. The officer will notify Security staff to respond for a pick-up.
  • Proceed to the ED Registration desk (left of the Security desk) to retrieve the appropriate paperwork.
  • Advise the Security Officer you are ready to go.
  • Proceed to your vehicle to retrieve the stretcher and then go to the West Wing doors to meet Security as noted above.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns in regards going forward.

Thank you.  

Stephen Fajfer
Security Manager
Vassar Brothers Medical Center