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About six years ago, Michael Harris spent part of September-- recognized as Pet Memorial Month – wondering why there weren’t more-meaningful services available to memorialize his beloved Rottweilers Hanna and Luke.

These two best friends died within weeks of each other and Harris had only two choices: leave the pets with the veterinarian to be co-mingled and cremated with other pets or pay more to have them cremated “individually”- separated but still cremated at the same time.

And he learned the wait for returning the cremated remains was going to be two weeks. For Harris, a third-generation funeral director in Upstate New York, that wasn’t good enough.

Butterflies decorate the landscape on warm summer days, fluttering about on a scattered path with no discernible direction.

Many people see these gentle insects as mere incidentals floating around aimlessly.

Syracuse-area baseball fans are pondering life’s special moments as they vie for a grand prize to end all grand prizes: a free funeral.

The Syracuse Chiefs, the AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals, is partnering with the Farone & Son Inc. Funeral Home and a couple other local businesses for a mid-August “Celebration of Life” night.

The team has a giveaway at all its Wednesday home games, and spokeswoman Kathleen McCormick said the funeral package is “by far the largest prize” yet.

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