New York State Funeral Directors Association

Issued April 9, 2019

Strong, professional associations utilize the input, expertise and talents of their members in a number of ways.  Service as a member of a key standing committee or ad hoc task force is an important way that members create the future of the association through creation of policy, member and public services, or the governance of the organization.

NYSFDA President-Elect Richard J. Sullivan, will soon be appointing committee and special task force members.  The charge for each committee is outlined below.  If you’re interested in serving on one or more of these committees, please complete and return the form to NYSFDA no later than Friday, June 28, 2019.


Current service on a committee does not guarantee reappointment. You must submit THIS FORM to be considered. Please direct any questions to Cherie Tessier.

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Committee Descriptions


The Budget and Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility for oversight of the financial operations of both NYSFDA and its wholly-owned subsidiary, FDSS.  

This oversight includes building a working knowledge of the budgets of both organizations and how those budgets meet organizational goals and objectives.  The Committee shall fully review budgets as proposed by staff members and make any changes necessary in order to meet objectives stated in the Strategic Business Plan.  They will then recommend a budget for adoption by the NYSFDA Board of Directors.

The Committee shall meet periodically throughout the fiscal year in order to review the current financial situation and recommend such actions regarding finances to the NYSFDA/FDSS Boards, as they deem necessary.
The Committee shall also create investment policies for NYSFDA and FDSS that ensure both safety and soundness and appropriate yield on such investments.


All committee members must familiarize themselves with the NYSFDA By-Laws and the overall governance of the Association.  It is necessary from time to time for the Committee to recommend to the membership appropriate By-Laws amendments in order that they accurately reflect the governance and overall operations of the Association.


This Committee will concentrate on two major issues: 1) the development of a list of approved providers and continuing education courses in conjunction with the Bureau of Funeral Directing; and 2) formulate ideas for and identify speakers/topics for NYSFDA’s Annual Convention, as well as other Convention issues that may arise.


The primary purpose and role of the Government Affairs Committee is to formulate and establish the Association’s legislative/regulatory agenda, as well as provide for the general oversight of and support of the Association’s grassroots political network and Political Action Committee (PAC).

The Committee is also charged with reviewing and analyzing any and all legislative/regulatory proposals from any external or internal source and making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors on any and all issues and/or proposals that now affect or potentially affect the scope and practice of funeral directing in New York State.

These tasks reflect the Government Affairs Committee’s broad and underlying policymaking function.


Yes, I would be interested in serving on an ad hoc or special task force committee should the opportunity arise throughout the year.