New York State Funeral Directors Association

Billvillanova portraitDear NYSFDA Members,

As we prepared for 2021 we held our December meetings in-person, virtually and a combination of both! I appreciate our professional staff for facilitating and everyone who attended and participated. Our Association is built on the strength of our membership and their hard work and dedication.

As many of you have experienced, the focus of our Executive Board has been to take appropriate action in a timely manner so we can move the NYSFDA and our Agenda forward. Of note, I call your attention to the efforts of the Government Affairs Committee. The Legislative Agenda for 2021 currently includes; Authorize Electronic Signatures on Funeral/Crematory Documents, Upgrade Registered Residency Program, Long-Term Care Facilities Refrigeration Requirement Bill, Potential Changes to Improve Final Disposition Law, Create New Paraprofessional Position (pending outcome of task force report) and Allow Service of Alcohol in the Funeral Home (pending outcome of task force report).

 I have stated before the efforts of the Education Task Force have continued with the hopes that we can provide a resolution and produce action items as a result of the many years of their hard work.

Additionally, we will also remain focused on the actionable items from the Funeral Service 2020 Task Force. From this task force we take their action items and implement a comprehensive mentorship program that will provide benefits for a resident or a newly licensed director to the most seasoned funeral service professional. It is our expectation that we will be able to leverage the existing knowledge, skill, and talents of our membership. Essentially creating synergy within our association that will yield a pool of shared knowledge that will allow all of us to realize our full potential. 

#NYSFDA strong is not just a hashtag, it is, who we are.


Respectfully I remain,

William J. Villanova, President