New York State Funeral Directors Association

Jeff Jennings CFSPDear NYSFDA Membership,

Most recently your NYSFDA and FDSS Boards attended the Annual Leadership Meetings and Planning Session. I am proud to report that our Membership and Association is well represented by your current leadership. Our ability to collaborate and prepare for the next year positions us for greater success.

At our Annual Meeting I promised that I will elaborate on our 2020-2021 Theme: Our Vision, Our Strength, Our Future.

Our Vision. Our Association will remain focused on protecting our licenses and our profession with vigor. We will continue to champion the eradication of interlopers into our profession and ensure that what we hold sacred is elevated and not diluted or marginalized. We will continue our advocacy and support a robust and meaningful legislative agenda that benefits our profession and all who work within it.

Our Strength. Strength, fortified by collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the best possible outcomes. We know that not every decision needs to be made by a team, but what we do know is when we draw from the combined knowledge of our membership, our opportunity for success increases. We will always advocate for, create and implement best business practices to further strengthen our Association. What we are experiencing this year is unprecedented. Our profession, our communities and our nation are being challenged like never before. While this is not what any of us were expecting, we are fully prepared and ready to rise to the occasion and meet all known and unknown challenges head on.

Our Future. Over the next year we will identify opportunities for our all our boards, our members, and professional staff to realize their full potential. While I am honored to become President of our Association and represent Funeral Directors and Funeral Homes throughout our State, it is only through the dedication, collective knowledge and expertise of our members that we will ensure continued success year over year. I hope to look back on my Presidency and know without a doubt that we were able to continue the progress of our Association that was started by all the Presidents that came before and encourage funeral service throughout our State to be proactive to meet the future needs of our families for generations to come.

Respectfully I remain,

William J. Villanova, President