New York State Funeral Directors Association

Jeff Jennings CFSPAbout two weeks ago while playing Euchre with our friends, Tracey and Al (MC at our banquet), Al made the statement that I was halfway through my year as NYSFDA President. My first thought was “No way! I still have a lot of my year left”. They were, of course, correct. It doesn’t seem possible how fast this year is moving. It has been extremely busy and maybe that’s why it’s going so fast. Despite being busy and, at times a bit hectic, I would not change a thing. I am completely enjoying my term as your President and all the wonderful people I am working with on behalf of NYSFDA.

I’m not telling you how great this year is as a way of bragging or to imply what we do is easy. I’m stating this because we are coming up on a time when our association is looking for individuals to run for several
positions on our Board of Directors.

I want to encourage anyone eligible for one of these positions who is interested in serving our association to throw your name in for one of these
positions. It is a rewarding time.

At this time Mike Lanotte, Rich Sullivan, Bea Lewanduski and I are preparing to travel to New Paltz for our second in-person meeting with our counterparts from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut to work more on our newly formed Northeast Funeral Service Partnership. This five-state partnership shows great promise for continued collaboration and sharing services between our associations.

Following these meetings in New Paltz, we will be preparing for our Board meetings in Albany to be held the middle of March. At these meetings we will be sharing some of the wonderful work that has been completed by our Funeral Service 2020 Task Force.

Hopefully by the time I’m writing my next address the weather will start to improve. If the groundhog is to be believed we can look forward to an early spring.

Until then, I wish you all . . .

Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse.

Jeffrey A. Jennings, CFSP