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The New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Records (NYSDOH, BVR) is excited to announce the statewide implementation of the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) Amendment functionality, in effect September 15, 2020. This implementation follows an extensive pilot program with three major NYS counties; Monroe, Nassau, and Suffolk. Local Registrars, statewide, will no longer accept corrections for any cases that were filed electronically after implementation.

The Amendment functionality allows users, with appropriately assigned permissions, to submit changes directly on the case within the EDRS for electronically registered death cases. Using the EDRS significantly reduces the need for manual interlineation on hard copies, generates automated notifications, and expedites amendment processing. NOTE: Electronic amendments cannot be completed for paper or Dropped to paper records.

To support Funeral Directors and firm staff using EDRS Amendments, NYSDOH BVR has provided/will be providing the following resources:

  • A series of live virtual trainings from July through early September. See the below WebEx links to register for one of the remaining sessions.
  • Posted materials and training options on the EDRS public webpage, Funeral Directors subpage.*
    • EDRS Amendments Quick Reference for Funeral Directors and Funeral Firm Staff
    • EDRS Amendments User Manual
    • Recording from one of the live virtual training
    • Self-paced tutorial

*Documents are also available from the Help menu within the EDRS. All materials will be posted in time for the implementation.

Documentary evidence is still required on electronically submitted amendments and should be noted on the Amendment in the EDRS as well. There are two options for sending supporting documents with the Amendment. EDRS can neither accept supporting documents vial email nor can documents be uploaded to EDRS.

  • The Health Commerce System (HCS) Secure File Transfer option. There is a one-time setup linked to a user’s HCS account. Instructions are posted, along with downloadable Correction Forms, within the EDRS application under the Forms > Print Forms menu. This is the recommended option for recurring use and ensured security. Once set-up you can send a ‘package’ through the HCS just like an internal email to
  • Fax a cover page and supporting documents to NYSDOH, BVR to 518.474.2785.

Each option above requires a cover page with the Case ID, Amendment ID, your contact information, and any details not included with the electronic amendment. We recommend using a screen capture of the Amendment page in EDRS.

For those who participated in the training webinars, NYS Vital Records will generate certificates for all attendees at the end of the series (ending September 10). There is no need to send a request for certificate. Please allow up to September 30 for receipt of your certificate.Those who attended as a group, please email a list of names along with the registered attendees under whom the group attended.


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