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Editor's note: Despi Gallas shared this poem which she wrote after the death of her Dad, Father George X. Gallas, a WWII Veteran and pastor of several churches.


Leaves changing color
The sands of time running
Beautiful colors, matching the kaleidoscope
of your being.
Slowly drifting away, like the warmth
of the Season.


Bare trees - emptiness - the stark landscape
of my heart and soul.
Snowflakes falling from the sky
Each unique resembling the tearsFather George X. Gallasfrom my eyes.
You're gone - it's cold.


The Season of your death
Resurrection, renewal, 'come receive the light 
the light that never wanes'.
Butterflies dancing, Lilies blooming
God said to you 'Come sit with me
Heaven above, your eternal home.
Taps ring out at your grave -
'Day is done...'


The sun is warm
The leaves are green
Yet my heart still remains like
Fall and Winter.

Someday maybe I'll feel
the Summer winds blow
See rainbows in the sky
And smile because you're
still here in the warmth of
my heart.

Love surpasses all Seasons
The last words you spoke
to me were, "I Love You".
I'll forever and always
Love you too, Dad, through
all the Seasons of my life.

Despi Gallas

Despi Gallas is a Graduate of the Bereavement Studies Program at Maria College.