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There’s a large group of those who get unearthed or otherwise disturbed. They’re vulnerable, former members of our human societies that I’ve decided to call the #Unliving.Article describes digging up people for questionable purposes

The #Unliving are getting beat up left and right on this planet.

They’re being pulled out of the ground decades -- or even centuries -- after burial.

View of Cemetery Where the #Unliving are Being Moved and Cremated to Build Oil Refineries and Chemical Plants in MalaysiaAnd their choice of final disposition -- burial -- is being exchanged for cremation by the living.

Longstanding grave sites are being bulldozed - accidentally?

Human remains on bookshelves, other dead are for sale

The #Unliving aren’t just those who’ve been buried.

Some of them are sitting on fancy bookshelves—their skin used to clothe meaningless text.

Their bones are for sale for $99 per-clavicle – entire skeletons go for the price of a used car.

I know the thoughts and memories of our deceased relatives and friends have value. What’s physically left of them should be valued too.

Friends and relatives should be able to visit -- if their loved one has a final resting site -- to rekindle thoughts and memories and experience human feelings.

These final resting places need to be protected.View from YouTube Video about Family Cemetery Getting Bulldozed - Click to See Video

I haven’t come up with any tenets aimed at defending the #Unliving yet, but one of them is going to say something like “leave the #Unliving alone.”

Among those I consider guilty of “#Unliving assault” are these scientists who dug up plugs of a centuries-old cemetery in Poland so they could to study the soil.

I’m no dirt technician but the summary of the report seemed to confirm they found evidence of human remains in the soil.

So did the scientists they reference who wrote a paper about doing the same thing elsewhere.

I’ll have to keep my eye open and see if I can get a count of how many people out there still need a final disposition.

I understand the remains of some #Unliving were divvied up and now sit on different continents.

Some are propped up and viewed as a spectacle like that miniature woman I once paid 50 cents to see at the country fair.

View of Abstract for Paper about Soil in a Cemetery they Dug Up - Click to View AbstractI can’t judge anybody on their choice of final disposition although cultural practices do vary widely enough for me to have to bite my tongue sometimes. ( cough…)

I can judge what people are doing today if it’s obvious the #Unliving sought a different final disposition than the one the living are providing after digging them up.

Burial should be final

And I should. I want to rest assured that when I’m in my final spot I’m going to stay there. Sure, I may not care once I’m gone but for now, I’m able to decide what’s going to happen to me.

All I have to do is write it down and share it with my loved ones. In the event I don’t get pulverized by an earth-crushing meteor, I want to be buried, in the ground. Deep.

I want a vandalism-proof headstone you can see from a distance to make sure anybody who wants to check it out can find it. And I want to stay there.

I don’t want scientists poking probes into my grave’s soil and I don’t want to end up a piece of jewelry or a large grouping of interesting bones for sale.

If they have to move what’s left of me so they can build a new oil refinery I want to be buried again, in the same way. I’ll keep the same headstone even if it gets marred during the move.

And my headstone should include a description of how I was buried so I won’t have to have my picture taken with some intern brushing sand off my skeleton planning to write a paper about age-old burial practices.

It isn’t like there aren’t some real issues to deal with either, as far as the #Unliving are concerned.

Some municipalities have so much trouble finding a place for their #Unliving they’re stacking them four high in mass graves.

At the same time, some suggest people are having trouble finding someone to buy their cemetery plots that they don’t want anymore.

I say it’s about time somebody started harping on the plight of the #Unliving.

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