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The beauty of the Internet is that anyone can start a blog. The ugly truth about the Internet is that anyone can start a blog. And no, that's no typo. There's a lot of content floating out there about how to manage your money and build long-term wealth, but not all of it is good.

Here are some pointers on the kind of advice you might want to avoid:

The average tax refund is more than $2,000. While it may seem pretty awesome to get that big check in the mail, it's actually an indication that you may be overwithholding.

Overwitholding means you're having your employer take out too many taxes from your paycheck, essentially giving the federal government an interest-free loan for the year. Underwithholding means that, when you file taxes, you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money.

Buying a car will likely be your second-largest expenditure, second only to a home or business facility. Whether you want a shiny, brand new one or a reliable used vehicle, we want to help you to get the most for your money.

Here are five reasons it makes sense to get your loan through Directors Choice Credit Union:

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