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Limousines, like this white one, are important purchases for funeral directors

Your auto lease gives you a right to buy the vehicle for a fixed price at the end of the lease.

But should you? If you have less than three months remaining on a lease, now's the time to decide.

So, find your lease and read on.

Solar Panels

We buy sunglasses, tint our car windows and close the shades in response to the inconvenience that sunlight sometimes brings.

But more and more people are finding convenience in the booming growth and availability of this inexpensive form of electricity – Solar.

Demand for solar energy was considered at an “all time high” in the summer of 2016 – and a solar industry group expects growth to triple by 2020.

The cost of gasoline went on the rise in early 2017 – and a few cents per-gallon can add up to hundreds of dollars a year for businesses that rely on vehicles like limousines and hearses.

In the U.S., the average individual consumer spends more than $2,000 a year on gasoline.

For many small businesses, such as a funeral home, energy costs are considered one of the top-three biggest expenses so saving on fuel is a way to boost cost-effectiveness.

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