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The cost of gasoline went on the rise in early 2017 – and a few cents per-gallon can add up to hundreds of dollars a year for businesses that rely on vehicles like limousines and hearses.

In the U.S., the average individual consumer spends more than $2,000 a year on gasoline.

For many small businesses, such as a funeral home, energy costs are considered one of the top-three biggest expenses so saving on fuel is a way to boost cost-effectiveness.

ALBANY, NY – Directors Choice Credit Union is pleased to announce receipt of a 4-star rating from the independent bank research firm Bauer Financial.Bauer4Star

The ranking of four out of a possible five stars, based on 2016 year-end data, puts DCCU on Bauer Financial Inc.’s list of recommended credit unions.

The value of a college degree isn’t what it used to be, but its importance certainly hasn’t diminished.

In fact, in Sallie Mae’s report, “How America Pays for College,” 90% of families expect their student to earn at least a bachelor’s degree, with 54% expecting a graduate degree.

Of course, if you’ve read any recent news about the financial details of college education, you’ll know that it’s also a foreboding prospect: there is nearly $1.3 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt, ongoing wage stagnation, and the prospect of enduring years of underemployment.

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