New York State Funeral Directors Association

A Military Honors Funeral in 2016

Happy Veterans Day to the men and women who serve our country.

The New York State Funeral Directors Association is informing members about important resources available to honor veterans in New York State while caring for their families.

Walter J. Kent

Funeral Director Les Grummons was at an Oneonta cemetery for a service one day when a 15 year-old local youth came over and introduced himself.

It was young Walter Kent, the son of the church’s secretary who’d picked up a job mowing lawns at the cemetery.

Image of Youth Participating in the Children's Fun Run During Katie's Run 2016

More than 1,500 people gathered for a 5-kilometer marathon in late June of 2016. Most – and likely all – learned about a vibrant, 11-year-old girl named Katie who lost a battle with Leukemia in 2008.

Katie McBrideDespite her short life, the daughter of a Long Island funeral director continues to impact her community and the lives of other children facing serious illness thanks to a foundation her family created in her honor.