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Funeral Director Dean Burns and his children, Tim and Virginia

When pursuing life’s work or destiny, there is always a lot of second guessing if one made the right choices.

My business career actually started when I was eleven years old - I inherited my brother's paper route.

I later recognized, in my adult life, that I developed two traits that I needed to follow to be happy.

Diana Brueggemann-Lobue and Father Doug Brueggemann of Brueggemann Funeral Home in East Northport, NY

Most children dream from a young age of what they want to be when they grow up.

I wanted to be many things, from a veterinarian to a doctor to an accountant.

I pursued none of those and instead got my degrees in Business and Fashion.

Jennifer and Teddy Lee of Lee's Funeral Home of White Plains, NY

Growing up I didn’t plan to become a funeral director.

Though the community may have assumed I would go into the business and my dad may have hoped I would, he never pushed me to be a funeral director.

Having that said, he did always have me working around and in the funeral home as needed.

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