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Funeral Directors Elton Harris and Daughter Kendra Harris Constant

When we are children, our parents teach us important lessons about life.

For me, this was certainly true, but even as an adult my father continues to pass his knowledge down to me.

I have worked at the funeral home with my father – Elton Harris – since I was 15 years old.

Jamie Turcotte Nevins and Father Joseph J. Turcotte of Flynn Bros. Funeral Home in Schuylerville and Greenwich, NY

I knew I wanted to be a funeral director from the time I was in eighth grade.

When I was younger, I enjoyed taking the long trips to far away cemeteries with my father, even though he was a man of few words and there wasn’t a radio in the hearse. I simply enjoyed being by his side and watching him work.

I grew up living at the funeral home.

Silhouette of a Dad and Daughter

I distinctly remember the day I told my father I wanted to continue my education and obtain my funeral director’s license, never thinking I would make a lifetime career out of it.

My father never encouraged - nor dissuaded - any of his children from entering the family business.

So, my coming to him with this request was unanticipated.

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