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With tree-lined streets, breathtaking views of ocean coastline and majestic mountains, it doesn’t surprise me the population of New Zealand has been growing steadily over the past several decades.

A lawsuit filed by parents who understandably believed they buried their entire son took an entire decade to be resolved.

Despite the lengthy review and appeals process, the decision still leaves me no closer to knowing how much of my body the government will allow me to bring to my grave.

The child’s parents thought they’d buried ALL of their teenaged car crash victim before the kids’ fellow students saw part of him on display during a tour of the local medical examiner’s office.

Fire service chaplain David King, of Toronto, and Holistic Wellness coach Cheryl-Elemi Gayle, of New Jersey, put final touches on a eulogy for a hypothetical funeral service as part of a team exercise during the In-Sight Certified Celebrant course held at the office of the New York State Funeral Directors Association in June 2015

Some American families are migrating away from funeral services structured by formal religions – and people who attended a 2015 seminar in Albany, NY know why.

Video: Slaves No More

New York's Capital Region honors, re-buries Colonial-era slaves. Found by accident in an unmarked cemetery, scientists pinpointed their African origin and the community held a wake and funeral.

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