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The 2018 Tax Cuts Mean Benefits for Small Businesses Like yours!

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) or, new tax law, has been hailed as a boon for big businesses.

It promises many advantages, but also some obstacles for small business.

Woman daydreaming about what she'll save money for


Emergencies, holiday gifts, a new car and a relaxing vacation are all great reasons to save money.

But saving money is difficult, especially when you don't have a plan.

At Directors Choice Credit Union, we want funeral home employees to enjoy the benefits that come with saving money.

So we've partnered with America Saves to help encourage you to save. It all starts with the commitment to save.

Join us and take the Pledge to Save so you can receive a periodic text message or e-mail to help you reach your goal.

America Saves is also adding an incentive - how about $500 - $750 in cash to help you reach your savings goal! CLICK HERE for full contest rules and directions on how to win!

And if you agree to the Pledge to Save, Directors Choice Credit Union will send you a special gift, our financial security bundle!

Image of tax forms. Enter Save Your Refund from Jan. 22 to April 17, 2018

The car failed inspection and now you need an $800 brake job. The washing machine sprung a leak on the day you went to catch up on laundry.

Your favorite group just announced tour dates and tickets will probably be sold out by tomorrow.

The need for emergency money can arise at any time, but people often find themselves short because they haven’t been saving.